When I finished the last pair of socks, I also finished off Sorella for my niece.  They got bundled off together & were well received.  I need to order yarn for my other niece for November but haven’t quite got there yet.  Next week.



Pattern: Sorello by Georgie Hallam

Yarn – Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury

Needles – 4mm.

Gauge – no idea!

Timing: 29 March 2014 – 29 July 2014

Yards –  no idea.

Modifications – Nil.  I really enjoyed knitting this although towards the end it felt like it was taking for every due to it being the largest size!




I have finished a pair of socks!  These guys have been finished for a little while and they’ve been posted & received.  Disappointingly they are too big for J but she likes them anyway – I’ll actually measure her foot next weekend for a new pair because I don’t think these will give her the right feel for hand knit socks.

The yarn was from Charli’s sock club last year, it’s soft, glossy & was lovely to knit but I started way back in April which makes them a very long knit.  In the past few months I have been working pretty much full-time and going some work slightly outside my scope of practice which made it really challenging but really rewarding.  After the last school holidays life slowed down a tiny bit for a few weeks and I picked up the knitting again.  It’s feels so great.



Pattern: Can’t remember the name but Charli designed them!

Yarn – Ixchel Bunny Sock Club 

Needles – 2 mm DPN

Gauge – 8 sts/inch (I think)

Timing: Sunday 13 April 2014 – 29 July 2014

Yards –  I had a fair bit left over – maybe enough for booties?

Modifications – Nil.



Finished dishcloths for February – I am slowly catching up and enjoying the different designs.  It’s good to have some small, easy to finish projects in light of the disheartening baby layette.


#3 – February 1st of the Month KAL


#4 – February Mid-month KAL


#1 January 1st of the month KAL


#2 January Mid-month KAL

Sometimes kicking small goals just keeps you in the game (can you tell it’s footy season again?!).  These are the two January cloths from the Yahoo Groups KAL.


Modified Manly Socks

Wow – I am shocked to realise it’s been so long since I last wrote a post.  In that time there really hasn’t been a lot of knitting but I have finished the Manly Socks and started a new pair.  This time I am knitting socks to give away.  It feels kind of strange but I know that the person who I am knitting them for will appreciate them especially as they are such a special yarn.

These socks are Love Heart Socks in the IxChel Bunny sock yarn I received in the sock yarn club I was in last year and which I just signed up for again.  It’s amazing how lovely yarn just makes you want to knit and knit.


Where I got to before pulling out.

I started the socks with 3mm DPN but quickly found that they were going to be too big – annoying since I actually did a gauge swatch.  I pulled them out & started again with 2.5mm DPN and still think I could have gone to 2mm DPN.  Anyway, they will be as they be and still look & feel great.  I just have to work out how long the recipients feet are without asking…..


The ball here is pretty close to the true colours




After another car trip away the first of the Moda Vera Manly socks is ready for grafting.  I have modified the pattern a bit so far and really am just using the broken rib stitch pattern.  At least this seems to be working out – the layette almost has me beaten!

This is an SOS – I am having so much trouble with this pattern as it decreases – thankfully I have been using lifelines as I complete a set but it is driving me nuts & so slow!  I am 2/3 of the way through the first 1/4 of the blanket which means I have another 3/4 to go once this one is finished.  Does anyone know of an easy way to chart a few hundred stitches onto a graph?  Would love some advise!

I started charting it using Excel but it starts with 289 stitches and I was finding it really hard because I couldn’t see all the stitches – should I keep persisting with this or try something else?

My knitting mojo is fading fast (but that may also be this seemingly unrelenting heat….).


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