6 months to go!

#11 June 1st of the Month

#11 June 1st of the Month

#12 June Mid-Month

#12 June Mid-Month

#10 May Mid-Month

#10 May Mid-Month

#9 May 1st of the Month

#9 May 1st of the Month

Chugging along with the dishcloths in between projects…..



Late but finished!





Pattern: Sorello by Georgie Hallam

Yarn – Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury

Needles – 4mm circular and DPN

Timing: 15th June 2014 – 12 November 2014 (still sitting on the table waiting to be posted)

Yards –  I had a fair bit left over – enough for a head band or beanie to match?

Modifications – One slight “modification” to the sleeves (It was a mistake really as missed a knit front and back which meant 5 fewer stitches than required) to make them less puffy.





LOVE this pattern – the kids love it – Sophie wants one so one more to knit…..







I was tidying up the wool cupboards some weeks ago to “make room” for my husband to set up a home office and in the process came across some long forgotten WIPs.  I put them together and am slowly picking them up and finishing them off.  This week I have started on a blanket – it requires one and half panels to be knit then sewing up and I think I can have in done in a couple of weeks if we keep on watching Breaking Bad Season 1.  I am finding this show a bit confronting though so I have to see how I am feeling each time we sit down to watch to make sure I can handle it….


I am loving these socks – just need a few more conferences……


#7 April 1st of the Month


#8 April Mid-Month

I have been loving the navy yarn – bought it at Bendigo Woollen Mills factory outlet at the beginning of the year – it was so cheap but perfect for dishcloths hence I this year will be mostly navy….

#5 March 1st of the Month KAL

#5 March 1st of the Month KAL

#6 March Mid Month


Another yarn from the IxChel Bunny Sock Club wound for socks on the go….

I seem to be travelling well with this knit.  Another ?10cm and the sleeves and I am done.  Maybe it will get to my niece in time…..


I am really enjoying this MKAL but it has taken a back seat to my current WIP as that is due in a week or so.  As I am constantly working on the WIP my spinning plans have gone awry so the yarn I need to complete this project is not yet made but it will be….