There are times in your life that are pivotal, sometimes you realise the moment everything changes and, probably more often, it’s only realised when you reflect.  Some skills are painstakingly learnt and others seem to appear in your life by osmosis.  The birth of my first baby, Sophie, in April this year, was certainly a pivotal moment inmy life, an event that was so amazingly life changing that it is surely unforgettable.  Learning to knit was something that just crept in! 

I can’t remember learning to knit, I feel like I have always known the basics.  My mother used to knit like a knitting machine, churning out garment after garment while occasionally working as a teacher, rearing 6 children and participating in numerous other activities.  I clearly remember Mum and Dad packing all 6 of us up into their Toyota Tarago and driving to Geelong to see Mum’s mighty Cats play.  She’d pack a huge picnic for us and we’d stand on stools at Kardinia Park to watch Geelong win or lose.  Mum would stand there in a big blue coat with a ball of wool in her pocket and knit throughout the entire game with her eyes never leaving the field.

I have a vague recollection of trying to knit a teddy bear in Brownies and Mum having to finish it off and then the next thing I remember is knitting my first jumper, one that I was very impressed with but have never worn.  I have knitted several things since then but my personal knitting revolution occurred when I was working in Katherine and needed a form of relaxation.

Now I’ve come to this, writing a blog!  I was inspired to start this last Wednesday when I joined the Handweavers & Spinners Guild of Victoria .  I was pretty nervous about going there, I’m not sure what I thought it would be like, but everyone was extremely welcoming.  Sophie and I spent about 2 hours there and I bought some amazing handspun yarn to knit some more soakers for Sophie.  As it turned out one skein I bought was spun by Lynne which I found pretty exciting!

I have enrolled in spinning classes which start in the middle of October and I must say that am very excited about the prospect of being able to create my own yarns.

I’m not sure if my blog will ever be read but I feel that it will help me to expand my skills and hopefully give me the confidence to start designing my own garments.  I guess the other thing is that I hope it will put me in touch with people who have similar interests.  We’ll see how it goes!!