We packed up and drove to Myrtleford on Saturday, I love going back there because it gives me 3 hours of uninterrupted knitting time while Pete drives and Sophie sleeps!  I managed to finish off two pairs of soakers for Sophie. 

Soaker Shorts knitted with Lynne’s hand spun 

Soaker Shorts knitted with Lynne’s hand spun

Pattern:       “Picky Pants” from Little Turtle Knits 

Size:            Large

Yarn:           Hand spun by Lynne – approx 100m used

Needles:      4.5mm DPN 

These are my favourite soaker pants at the moment.  For this pair I chose to knit the 2×2 rib waist as I find the drawstrings best.  I used the backside increases and the short rows and made the leg length about 2 inches with the 1×1 rib cuff and an I-cord drawstring.

I have found that I need about 3 pairs on the go at a time and I am really just trying to “catch up” as Sophie is growing so quickly now.  The large is really too big for her but at least she’ll be in them for a long time!  

This is the second pair I completed, although I must admit that they really only needed sewing up and the I-cord!


Soaker Shorts

Pattern:       “Picky Pants” from Little Turtle Knits 

Size:            Large

Yarn:           Cleckheaton Merino

Needles:      5mm DPN 

I love this pair, the frilly cuffs are so girly, they are going to be great for summer.  Unfortunately this yarn is no longer in production and I am really disappointed because it is so good to knit with.  I knitted Sophie’s cousin Ella a jacket out of this earlier in the year and used the left overs for the soakers. It was a very busy few days, on Saturday night Sophie ate her first food (other than breast milk), if you don’t count the apple core she got hold of last week.  We gave her some sieved green apple which she really enjoyed.   


Sophie enjoying her first taste of food!

Then on Sunday we drove over to Corowa for Monique’s first communion in a beautiful old church.  It was a great day, the weather was beautiful and company pleasant.    


With Nona


Exhausted after a big day


  The Whole Clan (Monique in centre front row)

On Monday I spent the afternoon volunteering with Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA).  They are currently running a project along a section of the Ovens River in Myrtleford.  On Monday we removed willow branches so that they cannot regrow.  On Tuesday the group we going to cut down a heap of non-native vegetation to improve the quality of the waterway and it’s surrounding environment.  It’s a great project and I think they are running 12 weeks of projects there so I am hoping I might be able to participate in a few more days.  


Volunteering along the Ovens River

And then on Tuesday I started another pair of soakers for Sophie….


More soakers for Sophie!

Pattern:       “Picky Pants” from Little Turtle Knits

Size:            Large

Yarn:           Hand spun

Needles:      5mm DPN 

After this pair I am going to knit her some longies but before that I need to finish off Claudia’s jumper.