It was a big day yesterday.  I got up early and drove over to Heidleberg to pick up Joshua and his cyber girlfriend and take her back to Melbourne airport.  Julie had been in Australia for 3 weeks and they seem to get on very very well.  It’s amazing that internet dating can actually work!  The best thing about her visit is that now Josh is motivated to travel and if all goes well he’ll be off to America in the next 12 months.


Josh & Julie in Heidleberg

When I got home Pete went and mowed the neighbours lawn just before an icy storm hit.  Sophie saw hail stones for the first time although I am not 100% sure she was actually looking at them.  She is growing so much at the moment and really developing a strong will of her own!

Josh & Julie

Sophie holding onto Daddy’s leg

I noticed that my first sweet pea flower has opened up, I’m pretty happy as I planted them late and thought that I might not get any flowers.  I have been feeding them with seasol every week and now I have been rewarded for my efforts!!


My First Sweet Pea

Last night we went over to Rina’s for dinner with Fran, Claude, Samantha, Kate and PJ.  PJ cooked us some traditional African food and it was great.  It was kind of funny seeing a 6″8 guy in the tiny kitchen, I wish I had taken a photo!!

When we arrived home I found a couple of bags of plants that Erin had dropped off from Tan and Cam, I was so amazed at their generosity and very excited!!  How lucky am I!!  They have given me 4 apples:

1 Esopus Spitzenburg

1 Orleans Reinette

1 King of Pippins

1 Gildering Sage Apple


Gifts from Tam & Cam

And when I went to go in the front door I found a big plate of muffins made by
Claire to say thank you for mowing the lawn, how nice and thoughtful!!



Muffins Claire made

Sophie and I spent some time out the back this morning identifying where they will go.  I really need to get onto my backyard renovation as soon as possible.  The apples need to go in the ground now so that’s what I’ll do this evening!!  I just need to look up Campbell’s list and see what rooting stock they are on so I know roughly how big they’ll grow.

I just had to include these two picture because they are so cute!!


Sophie in the overalls I knitted


Emily eating yoghurt