I just had to write a post to day because I am the proudest Mum in the world!!  Sophie finally rolled from her back to her tummy!!! I’ve been hanging out for this, she was so proud of herself!!

We went walking this morning to buy the part to allow us to attach the Little Squirt.  It’s going to be very hot today so I am glad we went out early.  I made some more of my paper pots to plant seeds in, they are working out very well.  I hope that by the time December comes I have an amazing vegetable garden to show off!!

One of the apple trees is in blossom so maybe I’ll get some fruit.  Do they usually fruit the first year?

I am feeling pretty unoriginal at the moment as I went out and bought a copy of Interweave so I could have the Icarus pattern.  I am hoping that I will become an amazing spinner over the next month and I will be able spin my own yarn for it!!!

I also have to start the socks I promise Kate for her birthday.  Being a beginner with socks I am weary to begin, I have started once or twice before but pulled them out! She has chosen a green wool for the socks which I think will be very nice when knitted up.  I have looked up a few sites for sock knitting but if anyone has any suggestions I would love them!!

I have completed the October KAL which was really quick and easy.  However, no photos today because I can’t get the program working to download them from my camera.