We have had such a wonderful weekend, we have made a new lifestyle plan (or maybe just reinstated the old one) and have decided to get out and about to see all the amazing places close to home.

Yesterday we drove to Organ Pipes National Park, put Sophie in the Hug-a-bub and walked around the Park.  It was a nice easy walk, with only one steep bit back to the car park, and you could actually take the pram if you wanted.  It was quite an amazing experience, we both felt like we were stepping into Central Australia.  It was so dry due to the drought, and lovely and warm too.


Pete & Sophie at Organ Pipes NP 

The walk only took us about 1/2 an hour and Sophie slept the whole time.  I’d really like to go back there after some serious rain and see the changes in the vegetation. 

Pete & Sophie in front of the Organ Pipes

Pete & Sophie in front of the “Organ Pipes”

Jackson’s Creek

Vegetation along Jackson’s Creek

Jackson’s Creek1

Jackson’s Creek

We decided that we should do some more walking so we drove on to Woodlands Historic Park which is about 22km from the city.  I had packed a picnic in with the picnic set Martin and Lisa gave us for our wedding and we sat under the gum trees and had lunch before walking to the Homestead.

It was such a good walk, there wasn’t a lot of vegetation but we did see two herds of Kangaroos and we were able to take the pram along.  Unfortunately we arrived at the homestead too early for the Devonshire Tea, it starts from 2pm, but it was still worth the walk.  We’re going to take Fran and Rina there one weekend.

 One of the best things about going on our outings is that Pete drives, Sophie is occupied in the back seat and I get to knit!  I took along the French Market Bag  I have just started as my first ever attempt at knitting a felted bag.

 French Market Bag

French Market Bag under Construction

Pattern:   French Market Bag

Yarn:        Lincraft Cosy Wool

Needles:   4.5mm DPN and 4.5mm circular

I like the way this wool is knitting up, it feel kind of sturdy but I really do have an ethical dilemma with using this yarn.  I bought a few balls for the stash, and specifically to knit bags because it’s not all that soft, and when I arrived home discovered that it is “made in China”.  It was inexpensive but Pete and I both agree that it’s better to spend a little more money and support the best wool producers in the world (being Australia and New Zealand).  So, who am I to complain about being given licence to spend more money on wool?

I have also ordered some wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills to knit another felted bag for Fran.  She is my Kris Kringle and spotted a bag in one of the Creative Knitting issues a few months ago so I thought that would be a great gift.

And, while I was onto the Christmas scene I thought I would try and get a nativity set knitted up for both Claudia and Ella for Christmas.  I found a pattern at the beginning of the year among Pete’s Mum’s patterns and she said I could have it so I went to Spotlight on Friday and bought so much Craft Yarn.  It is really horrible stuff, I don’t like to knit with acrylic, but I guess it is durable.  I began with Joseph and didn’t have all the colours to finish him soI started the first Wise Man.


 Joseph (red) and Wise Man 1 (pink)

I really hate sewing up things so I have to push myself to complete them.  I am having a bit of trouble with the Wise Man 1’s turban, I can’t seem to get the garter seam to gather after I have sewn it up, any suggestions?

Pete and Stephen spent Saturday running between the Television and the TAB, they have Spring Carnival Fever and the Caulfield Cup was on.  It was good though because it meant that they kept an eye on Sophie and I was able to go to the Spinners and Weaver Guild Meeting.  I was very lucky to be able to sit in on a talk given by Chrissy Lauritz from Fibre Fusion about felting.  It was a really inspiring demonstration and I would really like to do a class with her if she starts doing them again.

Sunday a week ago I went to my first spinning lesson.  I had a wonderful time and enjoyed the day immensely and had intended to post that night but got stuck down by gastro for 3 days……not good when your 10 weeks pregnant (or at any time for that matter!).

The spinning class was great, I met some great people and am looking forward to improving through more classes and some hard, but enjoyable, work.


My first spinning attempt

The yarn you can see is the very first stuff I did with the drop spindle, underneath that is the stuff I spun on an Ashford Traditional Wheel.

This has become a very long post, I should go and actually complete some of the projects I have on the sticks!!


Sophie experimenting with yarn


Maybe a designer?