I completed the knitting and darning of the French Market Bag a few days ago.  I was pleased with the way the colours turned out, I like the blend of the dusty purple/pink and the brown.  I put it into the machine with some towels and commenced the felting process but so far there seems to be little effect, except the the yucky imported wool has broken in one section and dropped stitches that are now semi felted and impossible to pick up again!  I got onto the net to try and work out why my bag isn’t felting and ended up with this knitty site.


 French Market Bag before felting


I kept going because what I was doing seemed right but it just wouldn’t felt.  See……


French Market Bag after a day of trying to felt! 

I asked the girls at Spinning on Sunday and Fiona told me that Lincraft have changed the way Cosy wool is made and that it doesn’t really felt anymore.  Bugger!!!  I have made wool soakers for Sophie out of cosy wool and accidentally felted them so I am really annoyed now.  I guess that teaches me for not knitting a tension square and seeing how it felted!   Can I still give it to my sister like this?  I keep throwing it in with each nappy wash hoping that it will felt a little more……


The Nativity Scene is progressing slowly, I think I’ll only get one set completed for this Christmas….


He just needs eyes!! 

At spinning on Sunday we plied our first samples.  The yarn  Trudi made is amazing!  Her spinning was so even….but, as she said to me, it’s great to see how much we are improving every day.  The spinning I did the previous week is far more inferior than what came out of this session.  Next class we are going to be dying our yarn which will be fun except that I think Sophie will have to come along!

First Skein

 Yarn spun by ME!!!


So, here goes with the washing……………….