I started a bag for Fran a few days ago, it’s from Creative Knitting Magazine No14.  I took a punt and ordered Rustic wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills – the source of a great deal of my yarn – and when it arrived last week immediately started knitting . 


12ply Rustic Wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills 

I had only knitted a few rounds – I’ve been working on the Nativity Scene and have done heaps…. – when I looked across and at my French Market Bag dumped in a heap on the couch and suddenly thought, “what if this doesn’t felt?”  So in a bit of a mad rush I knitted up a small sample (not a tension square – I hate knitting them!) and threw it in the wash with a load of towels.  This is what came out…..


It’s going to work!!

It’s going to work, after a short time with my towels it has come out thick and fluffy and partially felted!  I am so happy!  I am going to make a felted bag that will work….I feel a bit grown up knowing that I tested the yarn before actually completing the project!

Speaking of completing projects I was just over at Chocolate Trudi’s and saw her amazing list of accomplishments for the year to date….I need to get clicking!!