I made the stitch markers on Saturday afternoon while I was at Fran and Claude’s – I had to get them done as I need them for my latest felted bag.  Claude had a terrific pair of tiny pointy nose pliers that were wonderful to work with (I used a pair of Pete’s last time and they we big and cumbersome and pretty dirty!).

The stitch markers came up very well, I think I am going to give a few away for Christmas!

img_5076.JPG                              img_5077.JPG

On Sunday I went to the third spinning class and dyed my wool.  We used a commercial dye applied with syringes then boiled while being wrapped in plastic.


 My very first hand spun, hand dyed yarn creation!!

My sample isn’t quite as I would have liked, I haven’t put on enough dye in some places but I am hoping that it will look ok when I have knitted it up.  I am going to try knitting it into a scarf for Sophie for next winter.

During the class we also explored spinning with wool tops and using hand carders to mix colours.  I really enjoyed this part of the class and found that I could actually spin the wool with a bit of satisfaction!

My only disappointment for the weekend was that I had somehow managed to twist the round while knitting up the casing for the beginning of the bag and had to pull it all out.  I think I was quite mature about it, no tears, swearing or tantrum throwing……outwardly!!!  Note to self:  Never join and check a round on only 4 hours sleep!!

I have recommenced the bag and am nearly up to the casing again so I am still on track to have it finished by Christmas!