Pete is such a wonderful person!  Being the romantic that he is he organised a wonderful 4 days away in Halls Gap for our first wedding anniversery.  He arranged for us to stay a a lovely two bedroom cabin just outside Hall’s Gap.  After being to Halls Gap I think that he chose very well.  DULC Holiday Cabins is located just outside Halls Gap township and was reasonably secluded and private (many of the accommodation sites were overcrowded with cabins almost on top of each other!).  The cabin we stayed in looked onto National Park and was nice and cosy for the three of us.

Sophie and I were amazed to see a bush wallaby on the boardwalk to our cabin when we arrived but it was only the beginning of a wonderful wildlife viewing!!


A Wallaby on our door step! 

Halls Gap, and the Grampians in general, appear to be recovering from the January bush fires and we found it quite fascinating to look down on the areas of devastation wrought by what must have been a very intense fire.  Many of the lookouts gave fabulous views of the area and you could clearly see where the fire had been.

Nature is amazing though and from all things seemingly destructive there are some amazing benefits.  The grass trees were a magnificent display of this, there seemed to be hundreds of them and they were all flowering – even tiny ones.


Beautiful Grass Trees in Flower

On the first evening we went for a drive to look at the area.  We stopped in at Brambuk, the National Park and Cultural Centre, and asked for some advice on what walks/drives were open and ok to do with a 7 month old, they gave us some maps and highlighted the things we could do – they were very helpful, especially as we arrived there at their closing time!  We were a bit too excited to head back to the cabin so we drove up to the Silverband Falls walk and decided to do it even though it was almost dusk.  It was probably one of the best walks we did for the whole weekend!  Sophie went into the Macpac for the first time (thanks to Bec & Dave for lending it too us – we really want to get one now!!) and we headed off.


Sophie in the Macpac 

Silverband Falls itself was amazing, a small stream of water running down the cliff face into a pile of rocks.  We thought at first that it must be due to the drought but when we read the signs we learnt that this is how it always is – the water follows and underground path for a small distance. 

We didn’t linger too long at the falls as it was getting dark but the tranquility of the place (and being the only ones there) gave us a sense of relaxation and relief from everyday life.  On the walk back two big deer closed the track in front of us.  I had never seen deer in the wild before, they were so agile, graceful and simply amazing to behold!  I was kicking myself for  leaving the camera in the car.

There is so much to say about Halls Gap but for fear of boring anyone I wont go on much more except to say that we saw 2 echindnas, the deer, the wallaby, countless Kangaroos, black cockatoos, heaps of blue wrens and lots of different birds.  I had planned to do all this knitting while I was there but, of course, I achieved very little.  The felted storage bag is coming along slowly after my horror of having to restart it, the nativity scene is slowly progressing – I still hate sewing up and if I didn’t have to do that it would be almost finished – and the spinning is also coming along.  I am looking forward to the class this weekend as we are going to be learning about spinning with Alpaca and I have those 2 fleeces that Claire gave me sitting in the laundry cupboard.


Felted storage bag to date….