We had our last spinning class yesterday which is pretty sad in some ways but it has been a truly amazing experience for me and has really opened the door to a new era of my knitting and creativity…….I hope!!  We were lucky to have such a lovely group of people together and a wonderful, enthusiastic teacher!

Yesterday we progressed onto spinning silk, cotton and alpaca.  Carmel showed us the different type of silk available – there are so many different layers of processing which leads to such a variety within the medium – and I tried my hand at spinning a segment of silk cap.  I found this to be my most pleasurable spinning experience of all the classes.  It was really hard to begin but once it had caught on to the leader and Carmel had shown me how to draw it carefully before beginning to spin it was great.  I felt like Spiderman spinning an amazingly fine but incredibly strong web.  The only thing about silk is that the little worms get killed in the harvesting process…..it kind of puts me off but I guess I do eat meat so……..

I finally succumbed to the seduction of the supply shop at the Spinners and Weavers Guild and bought up big (for me at least).  I bought some merino top dyed in Rosella and Yellow, some silk cap which I think I’ll use to blend with other materials later, 100g of merino/silk blend in fabulous colours, a pair of Ashford hand carders and 1.3kg of pure Finn fleece.  Oh how busy I will be….I hope!


Treasures for the Trove!!

I have continued spinning up the Rosella and Yellow tops that I am blending into rolags with the new carders, the results are very exciting and it’s all so much fun!!!


Rosella & Yellow tops