We went “home” for the weekend to begin our process of moving on…..  Dad has sold the family home after about 23 years and there is 44 squares full of 23 years worth of living, growing and hording to be sorted and salvaged or discarded.  It’s a job I had been dreading, thinking that it would be very emotionally draining, but one that I kind of enjoyed.  When you begin going through stuff you stumble across so many memories and mementos (some of which mean little as they were meant for others now gone).

One of the exciting things was going through Mum’s craft cupboards – and I mean cupboards!!  Erin and I spent a few hours sifting through a cupboard full of quilting magazines and cross stitch patterns, half completed projects and some with just a few stitches on large pieces of counted cross stitch materials.  We kept a few things – some semi completed works that we would like to finish one day, the cottons and a few pattern books – but put most of it into a box for the sister-in-laws to go through – I think Jane will enjoy most of the quilting stuff and Toni will like the cross stitch stuff…….we’ll see.

img_5234.JPGSome Some books and hoops we have collected 

In the bottom of that lot of cupboards we came across the big box of knitting pattern that I have been slowly pilfering over the past few years – especially since I became pregnant with Sophie (I had all these plans to knit up a wardrobe but not knowing the sex and not liking most of the baby “wool” that is mostly acrylic, I didn’t get far…..luckily the clothes Mum knitted for us are in lovely condition and Sophie wears the little dresses!).  It’s heaven finding treasures such as these some that have been passed down by great Aunts and Nanas!!


Hidden treasures – hand-me-down hand-me-downs

The other craft cupboard was full of Mum’s quilting and sewing left overs and a bit of knitting yarn.  We boxed up the material to go through at a later date and then pulled out the yarn………..

There seemed to be so much more than I remembered, especially when Erin opened up the top cupboard and found it full too!


Bliss – what a stash!!

Pete was so understanding and didn’t complain once about all the stuff I was keeping.  He loaded up the car with all the craft stuff…..I know it must have worried him about where it would all fit in our house but he did make a noise.  He knows that I am sharing all of this stuff with Ezza and I think he thinks that it will stop be buying wool for a while……….

On the knitting side of things a little bit is going on…

I have embellished the Felted Storage Bag with beads hanging from the end of the handles, it is now fully finished and waiting to be filled with lovely things for my Kris Kringle.

I have almost completed my third ever sock – notice that it is in singular form, I have completed 2 socks during the past 6 months, the blue one is my first ever attempt following instructions out of a Creative Knitting magazine and the red one is an attempt at a Wendy’s Toe Up sock pattern using Jo Sharp yarn (got this idea from Something from Nothing).


The third sock is supposed to be the pair to the blue one but I am using the Wendy’s Toe Up method so while they will look basically the same they wont be……

I want to finish the red pair after that as I gave the yarn as a gift that was given back to me to knit a pair of socks for the recipient…..that was back in July I think…..

Sophie’s pilchers are back in the working bag and I have pulled out a few WIP’s to finish off over the January break (that is Pete is on holidays so I get a break from full time caring!).

Sophie is heaps of fun now, she is so responsive and essentially happy.  She is now moving so much – still not crawling but not staying where I put her down – and so in love with her Dad (can’t blame her there, I am too!!).

I am also hoping to do some spinning at some stage over January, Aunty Claire and family have a few fleeces for me so it will be interesting to have a look at them and see what they are like…..