Yesterday was my birthday and I had one of the best ever!!  Pete and Sophie presented me with a voucher for a massage, and an appointment for thatafternoon, over breakfast and Ezza had left a gift on the table – perfume and Bill Bryson’s “A short history of nearly everything”.  After breakfast we headed into Carlton for the 19 week ultrasound of Number Two which, needless to say, was amazing.  I don’t think you can ever get enough of seeing the little thing squirming around, looking so healthy and alive!!

From Carlton we drove over to Fran’s to pick up Sophie’s Nona and then Pete took us all out for lunch.  Two o’clock saw me stretched out on a massage table in full relaxation mode for a full hour – it was bliss!!

When I arrived home there were a couple of parcels at the front door (why the posties/couriers can’t knock is beyond me – Pete was in the front room so he would have heard them).  One parcel was a box of Christmas presents with birthday gifts for Erin and I (it was her birthday last weekend and, to my shame, I didn’t get her a gift – still grumpy over the French Market Bag incident) and the other was a box from Natasha from Spinning Classes.  I emailed her a few weeks ago about the Bosworth Spindles she had in class to find out which ones she had, which she liked best and where to order them.  I really wanted to buy one before Christmas so I can “spin on the go” so she sent me the information but better still, she boxed up her Bosworth Mini and her Kundert spindle with some “padding”, as she put it, of polwarth/silk top from Wendy Dennis Polwarths.  What an amazing surprise, how generous!!  I’ll send back the spindles after Christmas with some different padding…….


 Gift from Natasha

I now understand the joy of receiving a gift from a fellow knitter/spinner – it’s not just the receiving of a package in the post but the giving that is so much fun!  Needless to say, I didn’t put the Bosworth down after I opened it and have spun a considerable amount of the Wendy Dennis tops.  My dear Mother-in-Law gave me some money to buy a gift – a Bosworth of course –  so I have ordered a spindle from this site.

Overall it was a wonderful day, a perfect prelude to Christmas!  Now it my sister-in-law’s birthday and Lizzie’s too, last week it was Erin’s, such a busy time and no knitted gifts given out 😦 …………………..