We’ve been away for ever…..at least if feels like forever.  It was only 7 days really but I made a fatal mistake, I took along 3 projects and not enough yarn for any of them!!  I have been a knitting machine so far this year.  When we arrived back in Melbourne after Christmas I spent some time updating the new calenders we received with all the birthdays and anniversaries and started a list of birthday gifts to knit.  Of course Pete’s family has 3 birthdays in January and the first was on the 6th so I went through the stash and started on a pair of fingerless mitts for his nephew’s 8th birthday.  I used some Cleckheaton Country 8ply in red and did a white stripe above the band – knitting mitts for an 8 year old is quite quick (guess what the 6 nephews and nieces on my side are getting this year!!) and enjoyable. 

I got them done in a day (but left the sewing until the day of his birthday – I really hate sewing up, have I mentioned that?) and started on a wrap for Rina the next day.  It’s in 8ply black Alpaca from Bendigo using a pattern from an old Creative Knitting issue – I know this is quite an unpopular magazine but I really love this pattern, I knitted it for Jane last year and am going to knit one for myself one day……….  I had to set myself a target to make sure I got it done but done it is and with time to spare.

Next I finished off a second small nappy wrap in some Bendigo Woollen Mill Rustic that I bought for a jumper about 15 years ago (when Sloppy Joes were all the rage) that never got past the band.  I am trying to get at least 3 smalls done before my next baby arrives in May and a set of 3 small, 3 medium and 3 large for a secret pregnant person who wants to use cloth.  I like them knitted out of the Bendigo Rustic because it felts a bit.  I am a bit of a heathen with the nappy wraps, I wash them with the nappies (hence the felting) and rarely lanolise (is that a word?) them but they work so well and we both find them very easy to use.  I believe that felting them makes them even more effective.

So, by half way through this Januray I have knitted up one pair of children’s fingerless mitts, one Alpaca wrap and one nappy wrap.  I have almost finished one of the sleeves of Claudia’s jumper (supposed to be her birthday present last September), I have knitted almost to the band on the second of my blue socks and I have knitted 1/3 of the next nappy wrap.

Would love some ideas for gifts for my other sister-in-laws, friends, family and also for the obstetrician and midwife (like to have something ready so I can give it to them in hospital) so if anyone has any please send them on to me!!