I have my own, live-in, handyman who is simply amazing!!  Yesterday was about 40 degrees in the shade but my husband decided that it was the day to begin the garden renovation.  We decided that the sheltered corner against the kitchen wall should be made into a breakfast area when we were in Italy a year and a half ago but it wasn’t until the plan got modified into making it a gym/workout area that any work was contemplated!!

Pete started by breaking all of the uneven, cracked concrete with a sledge hammer and then cleaning up behind the chook pen to dump all the rubbish until we organise the skip bin for today.  After that he lined the base of the the fence and levelled the area out…..  When I write it out it doesn’t seem like much but it was a phenomenal effort without the heat, with the heat it was superhuman!!

We are going to line the area with Lillydale topping which should give a nice firm natural looking base.  We have two wine barrel halves that I am going to replant with bay trees or olives or limes or something and then I’ll plant annuals around their bases – we don’t have any annual in the garden at the moment due to the drought but I know that a couple of buckets of washing machine water will be fine for the barrels.

Pete’s going to get a triangle sail at some stage to give some protection from the sun which will also help to keep the kitchen cooler.  There used to be a huge fern against the wall which died when they fixed the underpinning 2 years ago – I hated it anyway, ferns are creepy, they always have spiders in them!  We’ll probably grow a Boston Ivy or some other sort of suckering (to the wall) vine to aid in the house cooling. 

On the existing pergola I intend to grow a couple of Kiwi fruits and a Jasmine for Pete (he loves them), the kiwi’s may become grapes – not sure.

Wish I had my computer back to post some pictures….maybe I’ll collect it today but it’s going to be so hot again….