Some time ago I decided that we, as a family, needed to reduce our environmental impact so I tried to buy things with less packaging, more natural products and less chemicals.  As with many things that I become interested in, parts of this resolution fell by the way side for a short time (many interests are passions for a while then completely forgotten).  A few months ago I bought the natural soap bars, the washing soda and borax to make my own washing detergent but, as we had a few bottles of Earth’s Choice Liquid left, never got any further.  Now I am doing it!!  

Today the new washing machine arrived – one step closer to using less resources – and I have been inspired again – that and the fact that we are about to run out of washing liquid.  So, I have Googled again and come up with a site that I quite liked.  The previous one I used was another government one and I can’t find the link anymore.

I think all my environmental concerns have lead to an even greater interest in knitting and, definitely led me to spinning!!  I figured that if I spin my own yarns then I am using less resources than a commercially spun yarn but then there are some amazingly beautiful commercially spun yarns out there and I can’t spin sock yarn yet – thanks to Theresa for her encouragement! (Not to mention how slow my spinning is!)

But I have a completed present to show off :)!!!  It’s the stole for my sister-in-law Rina.


Rina’s Wrap

Pattern:    Lace Stole – Creative Knitting Issue 03      

Yarn:        Bendigo Woollen Mill – Alpaca

Needles:   8mm bamboo

I loved knitting this the second time round, I really enjoy seeing the change from unblocked to finished.  This time I took the time to block it really carefully and used one of Pete’s Mum’s striped table clothes to achieve even lines.  It’s lovely and soft to touch and adds a little warmth, overall I am very happy with the outcome.  And, for once I am not rushing to finish it on the day of gifting!!

I think I will knit up another one to give to my midwife when the new baby arrives and I am going to knit one for myself one day…..

I have so much to write but I have to go and have a sleep before work tonight, I’m sure it will be busy with lots of new babies……fun, fun!!!