Thank you to all those who sent me messages and links to rose patterns, some of them were very very helpful but in the meantime I have basically designed an apple dishcloth.  It’s basically 3 apples, 1 whole, 1 core and 1 half eaten but I need help from all of those who have made patterns before as I want to change my basic design around.  Is it best to draw it out on graph paper or is there a better way?  I have made a mock-up of my original design in plain cotton and have been out to buy some coloured cotton to knit the real thing but I really need to get the design right first – I hate frogging my hard work!!  So, if anyone has any suggestions I would love them, in the meantime I will sit down with graph paper and a grey-lead and draw it out!!  Hopefully I will have something to show by next week!!