I started the One SkeinBaby Bolero on Friday night and couldn’t believe how fast it was to knit……after an hour I had the right side and back finished – talk about instant gratification in knitting!!  I decided to use the Patons Jet instead of cotton and so far it seems to be a good yarn substitute.


Baby Bolero under construction

Now I am up to the worst part….sewing.  Once I have sewn in the sleeves I just need to pick up the stitches for the edging and it’s finished.  I think it’s about 3 hours of blissful knitting for me to complete the whole project.  Amazing!

It has certainly been a nice distraction from all the other WIPs but I have managed to finish another Warm Heart Woolies Wrap as well.

I am really looking forward to the final of the Australian Open tonight.  The past 2 weeks have been great, lots of sitting around playing with Sophie and knitting in front of loads of great tennis matches on TV.  I can’t decide who to go for tonight, I just hope it’s a better match than the Women’s Final yesterday!