We are cloth nappy users, we think it’s great on so many different levels, and would never change to disposables.  With Number 2 on the way, and the prospect of two in nappies, we remain undaunted.  Before we had Sophie we had so much advice given to us about using cloth…..all of it was negative,
including many of the older generation who used cloth on us.  I went on a crusade before Sophie was born “if both our mother’s could do if for 6 children each, we could do it” and, of course, I would do it better than anyone else and look like the amazing mother that I wanted to be! Hehehehe!!  Using coth lost all that once Sophie was born, I actually enjoy it – I know, I sound like a nutcase – I like to see freshly washed nappies on
the clothesline and, since she was born in April, often the clotheshorse over the ducted vents and I have never really felt it to be a chore.

I did a lot of research before she was born an decided that cloth was definitely for me – and Pete was graciously along for the ride!  I compiled a huge list of web pages, read them all, and then started knitting.  I have to admit that I was a little shy about knitting nappy covers.  Searching for patterns on the net was kind of difficult as they are called so many different things: nappy wraps/covers, diaper covers/wraps, pilchers, soakers….

Some of my favourite sites for knitting patterns were:

  1. Little Turtle Knits (LTK)- This was my most favourite source of patterns until a month ago when I found the Warm Heart Woolies pattern in my favourites.  The best pattern is the Picky Pants one – I have knitted about 5 pairs for Sophie (only 1 fits now) and everyone comments on them.  The longies are great – my ex  housemate thinks they look like rave pants! – with heaps of versatility.  I often knitted them with 2 strands of endigo Woollen Mills machine washable 8 ply or the 2ply which gave lovely thick pants.  I also have a couple of ther patterns from these guys but I don’t think I really needed them.
  2. Curly Purly  – I have never knitted this one but it looks good with the high leg – some baby clothes don’t look all that good with the soakers hanging out (eg the high cut jumpsuits)
  3. Tiny  Birds – haven’t knitted this one
  4. Blu – these would be great in wool, cotton doesn’t work for soakers, it just soaks through!!
  5. Fiona’s  Friends – haven’t tried these
  6. Born to Love – this site has a few tips and patterns, I have knitted the first one but prefer the LTK patterns
  7. Cargo – I knitted one pair of these but I think they are really designed for  disposable nappied babies so size over nappy didn’t last long
  8. Tickle Turdle – if I could crochet I would have tried these as I like the look of them
  9. Warm Heart  Woolies -I have just started using this in the past 2 months, I have had to modify the gusset and the increases at the back as they weren’t covering a flat fold nappy (only fitted nappies) and I knit in bigger wool and  needles and then felt them.  I didn’t bother with the Aplix, I just use a snappy on the outside but am considering inserting some snaps

This isn’t all the patterns I searched for but some of my favourites don’t seem to be my list on the web, I think I must have printed them out at some stage.

I got lots of tips from this site, including ideas for making my own wipes and liners.  I ended up cutting up some old towels to fit into the Huggies wipes carry pack and overlocking the
edges, I have since made some with flannel on one side and towelling on the other for the new baby.  I also used micro fleece as liners (you only need a metre and I bought it for about $2) – I figured that since I was washing the nappies I may as well wash the liners and wipes too, it means very very little waste and never running out!!  In the beginning I used camomile tea on the wipes but now I often just use water and sometimes add some baby wash.

So, I hope this is useful for people looking for wool soakers.  I highly recommend using cloth as a financial decision as well as an environmental one – I can’t begin to imagine the money we have saved through cloth nappies (especially as ours were mostly given to us)!!