I have completed the February KAL and I have to say that I really enjoyed
it!  I have been saving the past few to my computer to do at a future date
and, of course, haven’t done any so I thought that I would do this one as it
happened with the left over red cotton from The Apple Dishcloth.  Because I
haven’t found a source of worsted weight cotton I knit it with 2 strands of
Panda Regal 4 ply and 4mm needles.  To make it a bit wider I added on the 3
extra boarder stitches either side and I am happy with the final result. 
Pete and I both like it, the red is so bold and the pattern is ok – I guess it
was meant as a Valentine’s theme.

February 2007 KAL

I have been working on a few of the different projects I have on the go,
trying to make a bit of progress, and I have managed to almost finish Claudia’s
Jumper – it just needs sewing up and the collar knitted up and we can give it to
her (5 months late but better than never!!).  I have also progressed on the
Falls Creek Throw but I find the Studio Mohair that I bought from the Wangaratta
Woollen Mill a bit harsh on my hands, it’s very nice to touch once it is knitted
up though! 

Sophie and I are off to Daylesford tomorrow and I am hoping to check out some
of the craft stores in search of yarn or fibre…….