Sophie and I made the trek to Apollo Bay on Monday, taking the Great Ocean Road.  Pete has been away in New Zealand so I figured it was a good time to visit family who have been long neglected and face a bit of a fear of driving their on my own with Sophie.  Sophie was wonderful – she even tried to let me know that she feeling car sick before she threw up – on the way there but a nightmare on our way home today.  

I was given a heap of great clothes from Moontide and Makulu Sunrise, two wrap dresses, a long wrap skirt, a lovely long ocean green silk skirt, a pair of pants and a pair of olive green Thai Fisherman’s pants – I feel so spoilt!!  They’re all clothes that I can wear for the rest of the pregnancy and afterwards – tricky!!  Oh and I was given a great chunky blue beaded necklace!  Sophie was given a very very cute little skirt – I’ll have to
post a photo of it some time – I think, if you could sew, it would be easy to replicate.  My Aunt is generous to a fault, how can you say thank you enough?

One reason I was excited about heading to Apollo Bay was that I had read that the information centre there sold Wendy Dennis Polwarth Wool and I really wanted to get some fibre to send to Natasha with her Bosworth to say thankyou for lending it to me for so long.  However, I was disappointed by the selection they had as they only had spun products in a reduced colour range.  My Aunt suggested that we travel home via  irregurra and call into the Wool Store the Wendy has on her property – great idea but I wish I had known that you’re supposed to make an appointment.  When we turned up it was all closed up and we were looking at the brochure we had just picked up in  Birregurra to find a number when we saw “by appointment”.  My Aunt suggested that we phone Wendy but my mobile had no range and I felt embarrassed about imposing on
her time.  I had just convinced my Aunt that we should leave when Wendy drove in from doing her grocery shopping.  She was wonderful and showed us through the Wool Room.  It was lots of fun for me and very inspiring.  I wish I could have sat and talked to Wendy all day, she is such a wealth of knowledge.

I couldn’t help myself in the Wool Room – I really would have like to buy a fleece but I have to spin up the ones I have in the laundry cupboard first so I’ll get one (or 2) next time – but I was restricted by my finances so I just bought a few things……….

And my Aunt bought Sophie 2 pairs of lovely hand knitted socks…..