I don’t think that mass production of beanies can really be added to the FO but I am pretty proud of my effort to date – 3 beanies in 3 days.  And, not only have I worked on the beanies.  I have finished the knitting of Patrick’s second glove and sewn up the first one – have I mentioned that I hate sewing up the end result?  And, I have added to Panel A of the Mohair blanket, it now measure over 70cm, that means only 90cm to go til I can start Panel B.  I am not really looking forward to knitting Panel B or Panel D as they are just stocking stitch for 160cm…..boring…..but I really want the end result for winter to snuggle under with my babies……

As usual, I have confused dates and the Sydney Road Street Party is on this weekend so I don’t think I’ll have enough beanies for Alex’s stall – 5 beanies might look a bit lonely…  But, the Yackandanda Folk Festival, which Alex will also be at,  is on in 3 weeks so maybe I will send them there.  I have to make some more interesting designs though….  I have managed to overlock 24 fruit & veg bags, now I just have to work out the tension on Mum’s sewing machine to hem the tops.  Being a novice sewer I am not sure how I will go with this, Maxi thinks it needs a full service and, as a dress maker, she’d know……maybe the bags wont make til Yack either!!

Beanies, Beanies, Beanies!!