Autumn is my favourite season, right along side Spring.  It’s warm but getting cool and the days are still long with lots of light.  You get Autumn breezes like today that smell fresh but are warm and still cool enough to leave the house open.  I was feeling a bit flat yesterday but I heard the front gate shut and went outside to see who was lurking and, to my surprise, I found a parcel at the front door.  Hooray for Jane!!!  I feel so lucky, this is what it contained:

The Needle Case

Sophie’s Case

Jane got the pattern for the Needle Case from Alexandra at this site and whipped it up in no time!!  She is so clever!  The Cat Case is for Sophie to put stuff in – Jane suggested crayons which is a good idea but at the moment Sophie would just eat crayons.  She also included something for Erin which I did not photograph in case Erin read this before she got home!  I didn’t have the energy to finish the post last night, my computer was being slow and I went out to see the early session of Miss Potter.  Today I am feeling pretty sick (pregnancy related) and it’s a bit of a shock.  I was sick all the time with Sophie but this time around I have hardly been sick at all since the first 8 weeks.  I was supposed to work but I have called in sick – no point having a vomiting midwife while you’re in labour!!