I couldn’t resist the call of the Artyarns Supermerino and I just had to roll a skein into a ball on Friday, which meant that I just had to do a gauge swatch on Saturday night, and that meant the I just had to cast on Wicked and see how it knitted up.  All that means no beanie knitting, no bag sewing, and lots of Wicked knitting!! 

I have never knit a garment from the top down and I am really enjoying the experience.  I only have 6 increases (which equals 12 rounds) until I can “remove” the sleeves and try it on……a least knitting from the top down means that it will fit part of my pregnant body!  Progress is flying along but I have to put it down and get some beanies done.

 Speaking of beanies, I am having trouble decreasing for the crown of the 2×2 rib beanie and keeping ribs semi correct – does anyone have any tips?