I have finished another 2 beanies, both in slightly different styles.  With the 2×2 rib I ended up decreasing by knitting 6 stitches then 2 together effectively decreasing to a 1×1 rib after a few rounds then ran the yarn through the last few stitches.  It looks great on – not on Pete – and feels lovely and soft, I wish I could remember what the yarn is but it’s one from the stash that I bought from Australian Country Spinnersbased at Wangaratta Woollen Mill at least 12 months ago.  I think it might be a wool/alpaca blend…..

Striped Beanie and Purple 2×2 Rib Beanie

The one I did last night is the same type of yarn and I did a striped beanie with out the roll up bottom.  I decided as I was knitting it to do random stripes and, by half way through, was a bit dubious but the overall effect is ok.  So, that’s 5 beanies completed and 5 to go (I think 10 is plenty, enough to look ok on the stall but not too many to give away if they don’t sell).

In my spare time I have plied the Wendy Dennis Polwarth Silk Blend that Natasha sent for my birthday.  It was spun on the Bosworth Drop Spindle and plied with the Kundert. 
It is way over plied but I still love it, the colour is amazing (photo doesn’t do it justice), and I think I might try knitting a pair of socks from it.  By the way, there is plenty more of the fibre to spin up so I will probably take it away with me for the long weekend…

Wendy Dennis Polwarth Silk Blend Spun on Bosworth

And, just for interest, here is Wicked so far:

Wicked to date…