I went along to the Northern Melbourne SnB for the first time last night.  I was pretty nervous about going and almost chickened out but with a car park right out the front how could I not stop and go in?  I had such a good time and I can see that being a part of such a group of like minded people is really going to broaden my knitting horizons!  Tina taught me how to do Russian joins which is going to be an invaluable skill, especially while knitting Wicked, and exposed me to so many lovely yarns.  I realised what a babe in the woods I really am…….  Funny, you think you are really onto something and then you meet others who also enjoy your passion and you learn so much more! 

I highly recommend anyone who knits to join a SnB group no matter what your skill level.  Even just seeing what others are creating is fun.  But, the one downside is that if I keep dreaming about all these yarns Pete is going to have to work forever to provide for me (hehehe)!!

I have finished all of the Fregie Bags for the market and just have beanies to go…..

Fregie Sacks!!

Next week, after the market, I am going to to stuck into the garden – if it’s cool that is…..