I love my baby, she’s beautiful, funny, wilful and stubborn.  Generally we get on pretty well but, on weeks like this one, a line is sometimes crossed!!  We have been home alone together (that really just means Pete’s away) for 4 nights now, only 1 to go, and we are both looking forward to “Daddy’s” return.

This morning I found Panel A of the Mohair Blanket on the floor without the needles…..eeek!!  It is so hard to pick up lace once you drop a stitch, let alone 41 stitches!  But, how can I be mad when she’s had so much fun with it?  So, Panel A has gone backwards in progress.  As I was deep breathing and gently picking it up I sat on Wicked and pulled about 10 stitches off the circular needles that quickly dropped down 2 rows……eeek!!  So, this morning has been spent picking up stitches and adjusting their tension but how can you be mad at this……..

Sophie today – 10.5 months

Especially as she just stood up for the first time!