We’ve had a lovely few days.  My last shift on Friday night was good, busy and confusing, but good and it was wonderful to see Pete on Saturday morning.  Sophie was very very happy to see him and behaved beautifully overnight with Fran & Claude.  We spent a quiet day on Saturday and then on Sunday we went across to Ballarat for Ella’s 3rd birthday!  She liked her beanie – I think – and seemed to have a great day.  As usual Jane made an awesome cake:

Jane’s Amazing Koala Cake!

Claudia, Ella and Sara

Last night I cast on for another set of nappy covers for Sophie as 2 pairs is not really enough.  I am 1/2 way through them and have now finalised the modifications I like to make to the Warm Heart Woolies Pattern.  To make them fit comfortably over a flat nappy it is best to decrease 2 stitches less on the front leg shaping (but remember to
add the missing 2 rows to the crotch length) and then to increase 2 stitches each end of the backside increases (remembering to knit the same amount of rows as you would if you were doing the recommended increases).  Doing this gives good coverage of the whole nappy.  The unedited version is ok for fitted nappies but I still prefer the edited version even over those.  I also use either 2 strands 8ply (DK) or 1 strand 12ply  (worsted?) with 5.5mm or 5mm needles depending on what I feel like.  Sometimes I felt the covers a bit to make them snug and sometimes I over felt them shrinking them far too much and put them in the pile for Number 2!

I came up with the idea to sew a couple of fitted nappies this morning – being such a great sewer and all!!  I used this site for instructions and traced one of the Eco Baby fitted cloth nappies for a pattern.  For the materials I used an old flannel sheet, an old bath towel and some miscellaneous material from Mum’s stash that looks a bit like those tracksuits people wore in the 70’s…..  On the second one I made I also put a layer of polar fleece on the outside.

Flannelette Sheet on the Inside..

Outer covering of Polar Fleece


Then I was faced with this:

Sophie’s destruction while I was distracted!!

And this:

My Mess

Until this:

How could this be comfortable?

And now I am nearly all sorted out and ready to cook dinner for our guest tonight…..he’s getting easy steak casserole, do you think he’ll mind?

In the meantime I have been surfing the net and think I might try these nappies next time…..