Spinning is a new craft for me, one I really enjoy but one I don’t do enough of so, I am going to take a leaf out of Kate Gilbert’s book and do a little spinning every day.  My aim is to spin enough fibre each day to move to the next hook like she did.  I figure that if I do a little bit every day I am sure to improve.  So, owing to Sophie being happy to play in the front garden, and me being happy for her to get pretty dirty, I spun some of this up today:

Merino/Silk (15%) Blend Fibre

It’s a merino/silk blend that I bought ages ago from the Guild.  So far I am really enjoying spinning it and, after spinning the silky wool sample, it is relatively easy and I think I might be getting a reasonably even single:

Merino/Silk (15%) Blend Single

Yesterday I finished off the silky wool sample fibre for the Guild’s “Fun Day” on the 30th that I was spinning on the wheel.  Once again I have slightly over plied it – not sure what I am doing wrong, I probably just need more practice.  I will set the ply today and then I have to divide the skein in 1/2 and dye it two different colours…….hmmm dying will be a new experience.  I think I will try food dye to start with.  The skein is so lovely and soft but I think it is pretty uneven – I can see a definite improvement though.  I still have the third sample to finish spinning – that’s the one I am doing on the Bosworth.

Silky Wool Sample Plied