I have now successfully accomplished my first dying effort!  I decided to go with three colours for the “Joybelle’s Fun Day” bead knitting day which I spun the silky wool tops for.  I used this site and a bit of commonsense to use food colouring as the dye and did the first two colours (the red and yellow) in the microwave…….maybe not too much
commonsense as the pots “exploded” and now we have a yellow and red interior to a microwave.  The third sample, the blue one, I did on the stove top but I had the same “exploding” experience even though I very gently heated it and very gently simmered it.  Not having had any experience with dyes I decided that food colouring was the best option with a little one in the house (beside the fact that we really don’t have any room to store dying equipment too).  I bought Queen’s food colouring from the local supermarket for around $1 each and have only used a very small proportion of each.  I bought “blue” which gave a lovely rich blue colour exactly the same as the lid of the container, “yellow” which gave an orangey colour, and “pillar box red” which gave the reddish orange colour. I just took a guess with how much to add – possibly I could have
used a bit less in each lot.  When I rinsed the skeins under cool water there was no  colour leeching and I am not sure if that means I put in too much dye or not enough.

I am happy with the way the colours turned out and my spinning is not too bad. I asked one of the women at the Guild to check my skein today to see why it is over plied and she thinks that it’s not the plying that was the problem but one of the singles….anyway, once I “set” the ply it seems to be pretty balanced.  So, now they are hanging in the shower waiting to dry and then waiting for me to determine which needles to use – I
think I am supposed to have an i-cord done for Friday but it will have to made after the session…

 Photos to follow after the session on Friday.