Owing to the neighbours having their yard dug up by the gas company, who made so much noise that Sophie wouldn’t sleep, we didn’t make it to the Guild until about 1130 today so we really missed most of the session.  The beads are pretty amazing – not really my thing but I can see that they would really appeal to some.  I had thought that these colours might be fun to make a necklace for Sophie from but I have since decided to pull out what I have done today and knit a beanie for Number 2.  The yarn feels lovely and soft (not at all over spun) but it is a bit irregular – just need more practice at getting a consistent single – and I get about 16 WPI which I think equates to fingering weight or 4ply here in Australia.

Food Colouring Dying

And, just because she is so delightful, a picture of Sophie in the garden earlier in the week – does have a bit of her mother in her after all!!  She is worse than the chooks though – this bean is the only veggie that I have managed to grow in the drought and she destroyed it……