I must be the last knitter on the web to read it but I have finally got my hands on a copy of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s “Yarn Harlot – the secret life of a knitter” and am enjoying it so far.  I have little revelations about myself as a knitter with every chapter.  It’s a little bit shocking to realise how much I am like her (in terms of project management that is) and I did a bit of a stock take on ALL of my WIPs.  It was scary to see how much “stuff” I have on the go and I can’t even remember when some of it was started……

So, while I do not pledge to finish off the WIPs without commencing any more, I have added all of them to the “On the Sticks” list in a vain hope that it might motivate me to finish them….

I did finish off my Wendy’s Toe Up socks but I cast off the second one too tightly and have to unpick it and redo the cast off in order to get it onto my foot so, I guess that will sit around for a few months until I can be motivated to unpick it.

I think the motivation to reduce the WIPs also comes from Trudi who was busy finishing off/repairing/modifying projects on Saturday at our spinning get together.  She very kindly brought her “reject” pile of yarn and shared it out among us – very generous as some people’s rubbish is other people’s treasure……makes me want to start more projects!