As I am progressing through Yarn Harlot so too am I making an effort to progress through the WIPs.  Yesterday I finished off Sara’s Teddy and Claudia’s Jumper is complete.  I have added on to Panel A – Mohair Blanket and have finished one leg of Sophie’s Pants and cast on the next.  Wicked is cruising along and I feel like I am making a little progress…..

Claudia’s Jumper 

Pattern:  Patons “Designer Hand Knits for Tots” Book 1217, Pattern 1 in Size 3
Yarn: 4 balls each of Patons Fireside 8 ply (DK) in white and purple plus 1 1/2 balls Lincraft Ostrich (or whatever they call their version)
Needles: 4mm bamboo straights
Project started:  Early 2006
Project finished:  26th April 2007

Project notes: Firstly I have to say that this is a project that has sat without bands and collar for most of the past 10 months – it was supposed to be ready for a
September birthday but never made it, I guess that I just got a bit tired of knitting it or maybe it was the “springitis” that the Yarn Harlot speaks of that halted completion.  I have to apologise for the fact that I haven’t kept the labels and don’t know what shades the yarns were or the real name of the Ostrich stuff.  I substituted the Ostrich for the recommended Loopy Mohair because I thought Claudia would like it more and only knitted it with 4mm needles commencing with the increased stitches.  Finally, I got a bit too enthusiastic learning the more professional way of joining seams that I forgot to do a flat stitch when attaching the bands (it’s ok though  My favourite part of this jumper is the pansy buttons, I think they may have cost more than the yarn but I really really like them.

Sara’s Teddy

Pattern: Patons “Designer Hand Knits for Tots” Book 1217, Pattern 2
Yarn: 4 balls Loopy Mohair (Lincraft brand substitute that I got on sale for $1
each), small amounts of purple and black 8 ply (DK) from stash for ears and embroidery
Needles: 5mm straights for main parts and 4mm straights for ears
Project started:  November 2005
Project finished:  27th April 2007 

Project notes:  Supposed to be a “Welcome to the World” gift when Sara was born and was almost complete about 2 months after I began it.  It say without an arm until her 1st birthday when I bundled it into the car on our trip to Ballarat and knitted the arm.  Since then it has been sitting in the yarn basket with the arm unattached until yesterday when I sewed it on (in the car on the way to Ballarat) and gave it to her.  It was pretty well received as the photo shows!