For all of you sock knitters out there this may come as a shock but, in all my years knitting I have never knitted a pair of socks (until I finished off Wendy’s Toe up ones and cast off to tightly last week which technically means they are not finished).  Yes, I buy socks.  I hate buying them and I always get a similar version of the same black socks.  There is a reason for this – I have to share my socks with my husband…..  I tried getting us different socks but it just didn’t work and my socks seemed to gravitate to “his” sock draw that has, over time, become “our” sock draw (not sure if he has ever realised that). 

Over the Easter Weekend I bought 5 pairs of medium socks – 5 pairs– and this morning I went to the sock draw to grab a pair.  Would you believe that not a single pair was there?  They must have all be packed by dearest Pete and flown off to New Zealand with him……only crappy old holey socks left for my feet.  So maybe the socks are too tight for him and his feet are suffering or maybe it’s mine that will suffer through until next week, who knows?

Reading many of the other blogs around shows copious sock knitting and it has led me to beleive that there is only one solution to this dilema.  You guessed it, I have to start knitting socks and I am going to knit them for ME.  This is an exciting culmination of thinking and suffering, it means that I have to develop a sock yarn stash…..say it slowly sock…..yarn…..stash!  I know that most ofyou have one but I certainly don’t, the slippery slope has begun.  So dear readers some recommendations of great sock yarn and the best places to get it would be great and Dear Darling Husband, if you read this, you should walk into a yarn store (right now) in Auckland or Christchurch or whenever you may be today – and every day for the next 4 days – and ask the sales person for some sock yarn, enough for a pair, whatever sort you like the look of (I trust your judgement more than my own).  Oh and some wooden double pointed needles would be great too (just ask the sales person).