It was my friend Sarah’s birthday last weekend and I have wanted to give her something very special.  She is a very special friend, has been a friend for many years and is one of those friends that you could see every day for weeks and then not speak to for a year and it’s all ok.  I love her to bits so when I called her to say happy birthday I asked if she would wear a home spun hand knitted gift – she said that she loves home made stuff so I set to work.  

When I bought my Ashford Traditional spinning wheel on the net last year the women I bought if from threw in all her fibre stash which included a bag of what seems to be long wool tops with some pink dye through it.  I have pulled out 100g of this and divided it to make two 50g balls of (hopefully) 4 ply yarn (I think that might be  fingering weight in the US).  I have almost finished spinning the first lot of singles and am going to ply them with some hand spun silk that I spun from silk caps in class back in November 2006.  The wool is reasonably soft as it is but I think the silk may add some more depth to the feel of the yarn and add another dimension to the colours when I dye it next week.  I am having dinner with Sarah and Simone on Sunday night (providing Number 2 doesn’t decide to make an appearance) and will have to work out colours with Sarah then.  I am planning on knitting her Eunny’s End Paper Mitts so I need two colours…..  I have never spun specifically for a project before and am hoping I am up to the task, I am hoping to get at least 180 yards from each 50g.  I’ll post some pictures once it’s in progress…

I am slowly working on several of the WIPs and slowly getting through them.  No sock wool came home from New Zealand with my husband but a beautiful hand carved pendant for myself and a great book for Sophie were in the suitcase.  There was also a promise of coloured fleeces from his bosses sheep (I think he said he has 15 years worth of fleeces packed up – I wonder how true that is and in what condition they are)……I kind of felt like that was better than sock wool, now I can make my own!