Since the weekend I have managed to finish Panel A of the Mohair Blanket and have competed the sleeves of Wicked, I have about an inch of the body to go before I need to do the pocket and decided to knit I’d up the sleeves to make sure that I had enough yarn.  Sophie’s retro pants are 3/4 completed but I have to admit to beginning another project.  Sophie’s special friend from Mother’s Group has her first birthday coming up so we making her a pair of Little Turtle Knits Longies using the Picky Pants pattern – I am almost finished them though. 

Panel A – Mohair Blanket

Pattern: “Falls Creek” Throw from “Homeground Collection hand knitting
Yarn: Studio Mohair (not sure of quantity so far)
Needles: 6mm bamboo straights
Project started: Sometime at the beginning of 2006
Project finished:  30th April 2007

Project notes: This should probably not b e counted as a completed project but I am still going to blog it as one!  It is actually the first panel of 5, all knit up individually and then sewn together.  I have decided, since I am not all that flash at the sewing part and I hate it, that I am going to knit Panel B and Panel C together and then Panel D and Panel E together.  The pattern is actually designed for Brushed Alpaca and calls for 18 x 50g balls. I bought a big bag of the Studio Mohair at the Wangaratta Woollen Mill last year with this project in mind – it was really cheap and I am happy with the outcome so far although as I am writing this I am thinking that I may not have bought enough… Not going to post a photo as I haven’t blocked it and wont until the other panels are ready too.

In other news, a good friend of mine had her baby on the 2nd of May. The baby boy was very early arriving at 27 weeks but they are both doing well to date.  I am now searching for some great premature baby knitting patters so if anyone has any  suggestions please let me know!!