How time flies!  Last weekend we threw a party for Sophie’s 1st birthday – an amazing feat at almost 38 weeks gestation – with “just” our two families together which means about 40 people.  It was such a lovely day in among days of rain either side, which was very welcome, and all of the family brought bits and pieces with them making catering very easy!  Pete cooked an amazing BBQ with snags, burgers and chicken satay kebabs – it seemed like he was at the BBQ for hours but it was worth it.  Jane made one of her amazing cakes for Sophie which was a real hit!

1st Birthday Party Cake

The McPherson Cousins (all except Sophie & Lorenzo
& the 2 in utero)

Sophie seemed to have a great day with all the cousins around but I really didn’t see much of her.  My favourite part of her day was towards the end when I put her down on the soft, damp earth near the chook pen and she proceeded to dig up handfuls of rich black soil and try and feed the chooks.  She had such a good time I didn’t mind the small sacrifice of having to hand wash her clothes!

Digging in the Dirt

On her actual birthday we took her to the Melbourne Zoo for the first time. A lot of it seemed a little overwhelming for her, she loved the other children, the elephants and the butterflies.  We joined the Friends of the Zoo so that we can take her (and Number 2 when he/she arrives) anytime and I am looking forward to seeing her awareness grow over the next 12 months.

Pete & Sophie at the Zoo

Sophie’s very 1st Birthday Cake

I have to apologise that there aren’t any photos of her Sacco cousins but I wasn’t taking the pictures and there doesn’t seem to be one in what was on my camera…..please send me some if anyone has any!  And also, a BIG thank you to everyone for making Sophie’s Party so good.