The vegie patch is back!  I can’t tell you how good it feels to be out there in the dirt.  Sophie is truly my daughter when it comes to this, we both love to get our hands dirty in rich earth.  Last week Pete mucked out the chook pen and spread fresh straw for Sophie’s party and put all the old stuff onto the corner garden that I usually grow vegies in.  This spring and summer were extremely frustrating on the gardening front due to the lack of water so I just let everything live or die without any intervention.

When Pete put all the refuse from the chook pen onto my patch I planted some seeds – radicchio, carrots, brown and green mignonette lettuce – which have poked their heads through after a bit of rain.  Today, inspired by their growth, I planted out coriander, beetroot and bok choi seeds.  I know that all of these seeds are supposed to be planted much earlier but it’s still warm enough during the day to promote some growth and when I read Jackie French’s sitethe other day she indicated that she was still going to plant out Autumn veg now that it had rained.  In one of her books she indicates that Melbourne planting is about 3 weeks later than where she is so I figure I might do alright.  I am hoping to go to CEREs sometime this coming week and buy broccoli, cauliflower and onion seedlings.  If the budget stretches a bit I will also get spinach and cabbage seedlings.  Last year, while Sophie slept, I made a heap of individual “paper pots” to raise my seeds in.  They worked well but the heat killed everything but I will make them again towards the end of this winter for my Spring seeds and, if with two babies, I still have time to do anything I will make them for my Autumn 2008 planting too……seeds are much more economical and exciting!