Sophie’s Retro Pants are off the sticks! They have turned out really well except, I obviously didn’t get the sizing of the pattern and they are about 2 sizes too big!!  I think they’d fit her cousins but I am not sure that they’d wear them…..

Sophie’s Retro Pants

Panel On Sides of Pants

Pattern: Totem Gear for Tiny Travellers – Patons book 911 – Pattern 3
Yarn: Patons Totem (8ply) from Mum’s stash – 3 balls
Needles: 4mm Bamboo
Project started: April 2007
Project finished:  12th May 2007

Project notes: The pattern calls for DC around the legs but I like the way they curl up a little due to the stocking stitch so I am going to omit this (I am not a very  advanced crocheter either so, while I could do it, I don’t want to).  I made the legs 1/2 inch longer because Sophie has long legs and I haven’t put in the elastic waist band because I think I am going to put them away for 6 months and then see how they fit.  The pattern was very easy to knit and I enjoyed the small detail on the sides, it’s similar to the pattern in the cuffs and collar of Wicked.  I am not sure when this pattern was published but Mum bought it for 35c – imagine being able to buy patterns so cheaply, and it’s not one pattern, it’s a book of 7!!

Best of all is that I am slowly decreasing the number of WIPs I have on the go – my aim is to get it down to about 3 projects….we’ll see, maybe one big one and 3 small ones….