Another project done and dusted!!  I decided this morning that I would finish one of the baby jumpers I had almost completed.  I bought the pattern book over 3 years ago and completed a jumper and pair of pants before Ella was born and then started a couple of jumpers when some girlfriends were pregnant but never completed them.  I did finish one other jumper from this book for Sophie but I never really used the jumper….

Baby “Sweaters with Options in 4ply”

Pattern: Quick & Easy Baby Knits – Patons Book 6000 – No. 5 “Sweaters with
options in 4ply”
Yarn: Heirloom Baby Wool in 4ply in green & white (unsure of colour numbers and yarn quantity)
Needles:  3.25mm & 2.75mm (for neckband)
Project started: sometime around the beginning of 2005
Project finished:  15th May 2007

Project notes: Because I have used this pattern a few times I had started playing around with the colours – nothing too adventurous mind you – and decided that I liked the “inside out” look of the stripes.  I have knitted the basic pattern at the required gauge but I think I like raglan sleeves better for baby knits.  I even did the double chain around the shoulder to incorporate the buttons and have sewn on the buttons that I found in Mum’s stash (don’t you love old button tins!).  I really didn’t have much to go on this project – just the sewing, knitting up of the neckband and the crochet along the shoulder – but it’s great to take it out of the “to do” chest and be able to use it for Number 2.  Will probably use this pattern again but may modify it to knit in the round next time…

The other baby jumper on my “On the Sticks” List is also a variation of this pattern but I changed it to be in stocking stitch – I have knitted the front and back and just have the sleeves, sewing and collar to finish – maybe next week…  I guess it will depend on what sex Number 2 is as it is in pink, purple and white.

So, I am down to 9 projects in various stages of production – I am spending most of my knitting time working on Erin’s Cardigan and am nearly up to the decreases for arm holes and shaping.  I have taken a standard pattern and modified it to knit the front sections and the back all in one to the arm holes.  I hope it works out – should I keep knitting all 3 pieces at once when I get to the decreases or work on each piece individually?