The front yard rehabilitation has commenced with Pete and Ezza doing heaps last Sunday.  Pete was feeling under the weather with the beginnings of our cold eating at him so, what better to do than dig up the front “lawn”.  I say “lawn” as there has been very little of it for some time now.  We don’t believe in watering grass, especially with
the drought and then water restrictions.  I do bucket out Sophie’s bath water onto my hanging plants and some other pots and I recycle washing machine water onto the backyard but we have been doing this for years.

Pete, Ezza & Sophie working hard

Funny thing was, when I commented that the whole process of digging up the lawn was easier than I had anticipated I got some incredulous looks from both Erin and Pete – they think it’s easy sitting around doing “nothing” waiting for Number 2 to present his/her self – but I just meant that the earth was softer than I had anticipated.

Pete with the “You think this is easy?” look

Our vision for the front yard is still semi formed but basically it is to plant out an indigenous garden with grasses, maybe a Silver Princess tree for height and some bottle brush or callistemon for height, colour and the birds, with a few native creeping plants.  Through the garden I envisage some paths, a bird bath and maybe a contemplation seat…..we’ll see how it evolves.  For now, Pete has dug up all the horrid dead or dying grass and let the patch sit.  We intend to mix in some gypsum to improve the soil texture and take it from there.  At least now it has been dug over some of the rain we got last night will actually penetrate the earth!