I know that we are only up to Day 6 since Sam’s arrival into our world but I am proud to say that I am still knitting!  Many people have said to me that there wont be time to knit with 2 babies so close together but, as usual, I am determined to prove them wrong!  It is true that Pete is home for 2 weeks and that my in-laws are here for a few days all of which means Sophie is happily occupied most of the time but….

I am working away at Erin’s Cardigan and am slowly decreasing all of the sections for the raglan sleeves.  I decided to keep knitting it all at once rather than each individual section from the sleeves so I have 3 200g Bendigo balls on the go which can be a little frustrating.

Sophie’s Nona is even knitting – she mostly only knits in winter – up some neutral yarn she bought from the Wangaratta Woollen mill in a lovely pattern for Sophie which will also be good for Sam when Sophie grows out of it…..clever Nona!!

Nona Knitting

Sam is growing very quickly, already over 3.6kg which is almost 300g over his birth weight, and is enjoying many advantages of being only 12 months behind his sister – ie lots and lots of milk!  Sophie spends a lot of time trying to wrap and change her Astro Boy doll and I find it amazing that she has these play ideas at such a young age, it’s certainly not something we have shown her to do.