I am still knitting, slowly, on many projects….a bit of Wicked here, Erin’s Cardi there, dreaming of what to knit Sam and which yarns to order from Bendigo to create longies for Sophie and I have even been working on the Anastasia SocksLast night I decided that the Anastasia Socks were going to be too big so, with a mournful look at Pete, I frogged them and recommenced…..I’ll never get a pair of socks made….  I had knitted the toe and almost half of the foot when I made the decision so it was a hard one.

I changed the toe to the method used in Wendy’s Sportweight Socks (the second method) and am much happier with it.  Not only was it easier than the generic pattern, I found it much quicker.  After doing the toe I was inspired again and quickly shot up the foot….well for 6 rounds anyway until I realised that I was doing the spiral pattern wrong (from memory because my computer wouldn’t log onto the net for me to double check it) so this morning I will frog it again and restart……

One toe forward, one toe back….so much for a pair of socks a month….maybe next year!