My computer has died…. I turned it on this morning and, as I was fiddling with the wireless USB thingy, it made a funny sound and died….won’t turn on, no charging lights, nothing…..

So, I am currently using Pete’s work computer and hopefully we will go and buy a Mac today…..Pete has been on my back to get a new computer for ages so I think he is kind of happy that I am now forced to.

Anastasia socks are now coming along well, I have knitted the first one up to the commencement of the heel and am just trying to decide what sort of heel I want to do.  I have cast on it’s pair from the other end of the ball as Danielle suggested and am going to get it to the same stage so that I know how long I can make them…..  I seem to be doing a lot of unpicking and reknitting which I think is due to lack of concentration with the pattern….hmmm maybe knitting with 2 babies is a little more trying than I first thought….simple garter and stocking stitch could be a better option until I am getting a bit more sleep….