I have so many things I really really want to blog about but my time is almost all taken up at the moment. Most people who know me a little would think my time is taken up by my two beautiful babies but those who know me well will know the truth!!

Since the “death of the computer” and the purchase of the MacBook, a great deal of time has been spent getting acquainted. We are getting there and I can feel a long and fruitful friendship forming out of the frustration and excitement experienced so far. So Mac has taken some of my time and yes, the babies take up most of my time but there is still time left over to sew for the new business (a blog about it to follow in the near future) and to knit.

Knitting has been coming second last in the time priority scale of late but after picking up the sticks again last night I feel reinvigorated! Wicked is into the final rounds of the waist band – in fact there are only 5 rounds to go before cast off – and with the pocket completed and attached last night I really only have the top seam of the pocket and the darning to go! Maybe I’ll get it done in time to wear to the SnB meeting tomorrow night…..