So, I said in my last post that I have been busy with a new business venture.  It is finally up and running so I thought that I would put up a post about it here on my knitting blog since it is kind of craft related.  I recently sent out a similar spiel to this to all of the people in my contacts and asked if they could pass it on and we have received a favourable response so far.  So, to explain the product, this is roughly what I sent out:

Alex (a friend I met through Mother’s Group) and I have reached the point in our new business where we are ready to begin promoting our product.  As some of you will know, we have been working on a reusable bag for fruit and vegetables which we have named “The Fregie Sack”.

This is how it goes:

“Fregie Sacks were born out of a desire for an environmentally friendly alternative for fruit and vegetable plastic bags.  Coming from a discussion about the lack of options (apart from piling everything in the green bag together) they first appeared as an innovative Christmas present from Rebecca.

As more and more people showed interest we developed them as a 5 bag set.  The Fregie Sack has a drawstring to keep the produce in, is easy to carry in your green bag and helps keep all those small pieces together so you don’t have to spend time fishing around at the check-out for that last apple or orange.  They are super light; so don’t add cost when the produce is weighed, washable and see through so the store staffs don’t have to open bags to see what is inside.  You can also wash the fruit and vegetables in the bag as well as store produce in them in the fridge.

You’re helping save trees by not using extra paper bags as well as making shopping permanently plastic bag free.”

We currently make the bags here in Melbourne using imported nylon and polyester.  We are currently selling a pack of 5 Fregie Sacks for $10 (inc postage & handling within Australia) through our email address by sending a request to

We are also hoping to attend a few markets around Melbourne and get the product into fruit & veg stores and maybe even the supermarkets.  At this stage bags can be paid for by cheque or direct deposit into our business account and bags will be sent out once funds have cleared.

Fregie Sack