I need some help from all of the knitters out there who look at this blog. I have found that Wicked it too big for my upper body and that it tends to gather around the arm/shoulder seams. I took it to SnB last time and they all agreed that I need to fix the problem to ensure that I wear it… Now, Wicked is knitted from the top down so how do I frog in that direction? I have only ever done it from the finished end back and when I tried to do it the other way with Thomas Finn’s vest it was very very difficult. Is there a trick to it?

I think that maybe I should rip out the whole garment and start again… What do you think? I’d show a photo but I seem to have lost my camera… it is somewhere in my very untidy house… knitting may still get done with 2 babies but putting away “stuff” sometimes misses out – especially when I am sewing Fregie Sacks!