Ok, I got sucked in by the Yarn Harlot, it’s just that she is so infectious when it comes to knitting ideas.  She did have a warning at the start of her post but I read on anyway and am kind of excited that I did.  I have joined up with the MS3 KAL, I just can’t bear missing out on something that so many people will be blogging about because I know that I’ll just wish I was doing it too.  The sign up closes this evening so I have jumped on board and now all I need to do is choose a yarn and buy some beads.  I have never knitted with beads so kind of think it will be challenging for me – not to mention the fact that it is lace knitting and the fact that beads and babies don’t really mix so there will be challenges on many levels.

The camera was found (at the end of my bed) and has been lost again – poor Sam, I will make up for it with loads of photos of him when I find it.  Wicked is languishing on the couch and gets shown to anyone who walks in the door.  The consensus of those who don’t knit is just leave it and from those who do it’s divided.  I am still considering pulling out the whole lot and starting again in the smaller size.

It feels like I know have hundreds of WIPs – I just can’t seem to stop starting new ones.  I have started a vest for Sophie but I think I may be knitting it too small.   I am making up the pattern using a combination of two Patons patterns and have kind of mixed up my numbers.  I’ll get a photo when I find the camera because I love the colour work.

Both Sophie and Sam need more soakers so I am going to go through Mum’s stash and pull out some not so nice wool to make soakers that will be hidden under clothes.  I am thinking of using one of the Little Turtle Knits patterns for Sophie but am undecided.

I have a scarf for Pete on the go but it is slow going and not all that interesting.  I will say that it is good to knit in a sleep deprived state unlike the Anastasia socks which I keep having to pull out and redo….. hmm, I think I will join a sock KAL next so that I actually finish some.

Oh yeah, the front renovation is looking superb and growing well with all this lovely rain we are having in the city and I have started weeding my vegies and they look great.  The chooks have loved all the green waste and digging among my lettuce (much to my dismay).  Photos will follow when I get the photos off the old hard drive.

We are off home for the annual salami making tonight so hopefully I will have a lovely (maybe gory if you are a vegetarian) photos for you all next week……pending camera discovery!  I am packing lots of knitting projects to work on while traveling and while having babysitters around!