There is something in the air here in Melbourne. It’s kind of nice. The past few days when I have been outside to hang out the nappies there has been an almost imperceptible smell and feel. Our clothes line is in the south west corner of our yard and receives just enough sunlight, in the mornings as the sun shows it’s magnificent face shafts of light hit this corner and my back as I hang out clothes. Coolness wafts up from the ground and warmth hits my spine….the warmth fills me and I look down at my pitiful winter vegies. I feel the urge…the urge to run my fingers through the soil, the urge to dig out my packets of summer vegie seeds, the urge to plant! This feeling has to be Spring but it’s still the middle of winter.  Now, I am suppressing these urges because Jackie French says that you shouldn’t plant until the ground in warm enough to sit bare bummed on.

I have been lying in bed, awake since Sam’s feed at 0430, and thinking of planting. Tomato plants keep flying past my eyes, zucchini chocolate cakes and lemon curd make my belly ache and the thought of bean and potato salad just like Pete’s mum makes entices me. So, what can I do about it? I am going to make a mini green house….. well, I may actually ask my brother-in-law to make it but I have the design worked out in my head.

When I was in high school my best friend’s (I now think that term is a little childish for I have so many friends that give me different things so how can you have a “best”one?) sister made a great little greenhouse in one of the tech subjects. I coveted that greenhouse, I coveted her skill at growing vegies and I coveted her ability to grow food in barely acceptable soil.  Now, I only covert a greenhouse to start off my seedlings!  I can grow vegies, I can make soil great and I can build myself a mini greenhouse!